Saltfire Peanut 3


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The Peanut 3. Originally designed as a compact 3kW its actually so efficient it will achieve up to 4.7kW if required. Its viewing window is big for a compact stove! ‘Peanut 3’ – can fit a very small UK chimney opening of less than 16” wide. This can make tight installations so much simpler and easier rarely would any building/ alteration work need to be done even with a small chimney opening.

Nominal Heat Output- 4.7kW
Heat Output Range- 1KW to 5kW
Efficiency- 82.7
Energy efficiency- A+

Ultra Clean Burn
Large Viewing window
Advanced Airwash
Black Finish

Height- 480mm
Width- 348mm
Depth- 286mm
Rear to Centre of Top Flue- 90mm
Width to Centre of Top Flue- 174mm
Height to Centre of Rear Flue- 392mm