Jøtul I 620 FR


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The I 620 FR. Jøtul I 620 is easy to install and is just as suitable as a fireplace insert for open/old fireplaces as for fireplaces with a more contemporary design. It is up to you whether you want glass on one, two or three sides. Despite its size, this insert is designed to burn at an optimal level even at low effect. The burn chamber is light with burn plates made from white vermiculite and durable white enamelled cast iron. Symbols on the air-vents facilitate correct use of the fireplace. Equipped as standard with a slim, removable decorative frame that offers a smooth transition to the firewall. Jøtul I 620 FR have glasses in front and right side.

Nominal output- 9.0 kW
Efficiency- 77%
Energy efficiency- Class A
Heating capacity up to- 171 m²
Heating capacity cubic up to- 400 m³
CO Emission- 0.07%
Dust Product Emission- 5 mg/Nm³
NOx Emission- 98 mg/Nm³
OGC Emission- 41 mg/Nm³

Burns optimally even at low effect
Easy to install
Removable decorative frame

Height- 499 mm
Width- 762 mm
Depth- 431 mm
Log size up to- 60.00 cm
Flue outlet Ø- 150.00 mm
Flue exit- Top