ACR Tenbury T400 Eco

Tenbury T400 Eco features attractive, contemporary styling and straightforward installation with its free-floating flue collar and convection outer box. The Tenbury T400Eco can take logs up to 25cm long or smokeless fuel. A powerful air wash will help to keep the glass clear giving you a stunning view of the flames. As a DEFRA exempt appliance, the Tenbury can be used to burn wood in a smoke-controlled area making this a very versatile solution to room heating. Being Eco-design Ready this insert is one of the cleanest available in the UK market.

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10 year warranty
5Kw output
Multifuel appliance
Powerful airwash
Smoke Exempt
Easy to install

Height- 588mm
Width- 472mm
Depth- 334mm

Nominal heat output- 5 kW
Efficiency- 78.3%
Flue Mass Gas Flow- 4.4g/s
Mean Flue Gas Temperature- 292°C
Mean CnHm @13% O2- 31 Nmg/m3
Mean NOX @13° O2- 87 Nmg/m3
CO @ 13% O2 Vol%- 0.06
DIN Plus Dust @13° O2- 19 Nmg/m3

Nominal heat output- 5 kW
Efficiency- 82.1%
Flue Mass Gas Flow- 3.1g/s
Mean Flue Gas Temperature- 277°C
Mean CnHm @13% O2- 42 Nmg/m3
Mean NOX @13° O2- 81 Nmg/m3
CO @ 13% O2 Vol%- 0.07
DIN Plus Dust @13° O2- 17 Nmg/m3