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Arada Lagom 4 Steel


Lagom 4 Steel is a 4kW Ecodesign Ready stove. Distinctive modern black cylindrical body, with low emission and superior fuel efficiency.

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Ecodesign Ready
10 year guarantee
Available in black steel only
Integrated lower kindling/tool storage area
Self-closing door
Simple, discreet air controls
Top or rear 6″ flue outlet
Integrated heat shield for reduced distance to combustible materials
Direct air compatible

Width- 528 mm
Height- 974 mm
Depth- 398 mm
Flue Diameter- 149 mm
Depth from back to centre of top flue- 199 mm
Axis height of rear flue- 863 mm
Ideal log length/diameter- 250mm

Energy Efficiency- Class A+
Net Efficiency- 80.5 %
Nominal Output- 4.0 kW
Mean CO Emission (@13% O2)- 0.11%
Mean CO2 Emission- 9.59 %
DIN+ particulate- 15 Nmg/m3
Mean NOx Emission (@13% O2)- 111 Nmg/m3
Mean OGC Emission (@13% O2)- 68 Nmg/m3
Flue Gas Mass Flow- 4 g/s
Flue Gas Temperature- 247 °C