Scan 65-1


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The 65-1. Scan 65 with steel sides is available with our without side windows. A soap stone top can be added as an extra accessory. If you want a higher stove, you can buy an 80 mm steel base for this model.

Nominal output- 6.0 kW
Efficiency- 82 %
Energy efficiency- Class A+
Heating capacity up to- 120 m²
CO Emission- 0.08 %
Dust Product Emission- 20 mg/Nm³
NOx Emission- 104 mg/Nm³

Scan Soft-close system
Short distance to combustible walls
Prepared for closed combustion

Height- 1132 mm
Width- 490 mm
Depth- 380 mm
Log size up to- 30.00 cm
Flue outlet Ø- 148.00 mm
Flue exit- Top/Rear