Stove Essentials


Get the most out of your woodburning stove with Valiant’s Stove Essentials. Use the USB Rechargeable Arc Lighter to ignite your fuel, with no need for batteries or expensive gas refills. Monitor your stove’s temperature with the Thermometer, so ensure you’re getting the most energy efficient burn. Then, place the 2 Blade Stove Fan on top of your appliance to circulate warm air evenly around the room.

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Place on any hot stove to gently circulate heat throughout the room
Maximise energy from the stove and reduce fuel consumption
Satin black anodised blades
Attractive, durable design

Can also be used to measure the temperature of the flue pipe
Reduce or optimise fuel consumption
Optimise the stove temperature and reduce soot and carbon in the chimney
Decrease the risk of damage caused by running the stove too hot

Fast charging via supplied USB cable
Over 500 uses per charge
360° flexible rotating head
Windproof electronic arc
Built-in safety switch and auto cut-off
Eco friendly and cost-effective
No need to refill with expensive fuel