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Arada Holborn Gas Medium (BF)


The Holborn Gas Medium shares the same high quality steel body and cast iron door as used on the multi-fuel Holborn 5 stove, this gas stove offers an authentic ‘woodburner’ focal point whilst providing instant heat. It is easily controllable thanks to its remote control which is included as standard. Available in Natural Gas or LPG models, with either a Balanced or Conventional flue. Up to 4.5kW of heat with a realistic log fuel bed.

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Balanced Flue
Lifetime guarantee on the stove body
Natural gas and LPG models
Available in seven colours
Easy-to-use, child-proof remote control included as standard
Adjustable heat output and flame height
Clear view glass screen
127mm /5″ top and rear flue fitting (BF model)
127mm /5″ top flue fitting (CF model)

Width (across footprint)- 485 mm
Height- 660 mm
Depth (from rear to tip of handle)- 389 mm
Depth from back to centre of top flue- 120.5 mm
Height to centre of rear flue- 520 mm

Gas Types- A)G20 I2H, I2E – B)G20 I2H, I2E – C)G25/G25.3 I2L, I2EK I2(43.46-45.3 MJ/m3 (0C) – D)G20/G25 I2ELL
Supply pressure Mbar- A)20 – B)20/25 – C)25 – D)20
Nominal Heat Input Gross(Hs)- A)5 KW – B)5/4.3 KW – C)4.3 KW – D)4 kW
Nominal Heat Input Gross(Hi)- A)4.5 KW – B)4.5/3.9 KW – C)3.9 KW – D)3.6 KW
Consumption M3/hr- A)0.471 – B)0.47/0.58 – C)0.58 – D)0.47
Burner pressure (Hot) mbar- A)19.4 – B)19.4/24 – C)24 – D)19.3
Injector Marking- 320
Pilot- G30-ZP2-312 (31.2 inj)
Efficiency- Class C
Space heating emissions- 76
Flue System Types- C11 / C31 / C91

Gas Types- A)G30/G31 I3B/P(30) – B)G30/G31 I3+ – C)G31 I3P(50) – D)G31 I3P(37) – E)G31 I3P(30)
Supply Pressure Mbar- A)30 – B)30/37 – C)50 – D)37 – E)30
Nominal Heat Input Gross(Hs)- A)5.5 KW – B)5.5 KW – C)5.5 KW – D)5.5 KW – E)5 kW
Nominal Heat Input Gross(Hi)- A)5.1 KW – B)5.1 KW – C)5.1 KW – D)5.1 KW – E)4.6 KW
Consumption M3/hr- A)0.164 – B)0.164 – C)0.196 – D)0.196 – E)0.175
Burner pressure (Hot) mbar- A)28 – B)28.3/36.5 – C)36.5 – D)36.5 – E)28
Injector Marking- 140
Pilot- G30-ZP2-271 (27.1 inj)
Efficiency- Class C
Space heating emissions- 81
Flue System Types- C11 / C31 / C91